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What is Everything is Genius?

March 19, 2008

Everything is Genius is a collaboration of San Diegans putting a positive spin on everything. We are looking to review music, movies, films, television shows, music videos, graphic design and whatever else we can think of (or you submit). If you’re in a band and would like for us to review your new demo/EP/album/whatever else then contact us at and we’ll see what we can do!

EDIT: 06.05.2008
After a two months of listening and writing, I’ve concluded that simply putting a positive spin on things wouldn’t be sufficient for what I want for this site. I am still going to pursue using this site to promote local, indie and major label artists as well as extroplate my own thoughts. I see the direction of the reviews shifting from being merely positive to being something that bands can use to gauge and effect their own work. As such, what is written here will try to fairly see what is good and bad, not being merely positive or negative for the sake of flattery or criticism. If criticism cannot be constructive then what good is it?

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