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#11: Missing Kitty – Suburban Warfare

June 27, 2008

Missing Kitty‘s Suburban Warfare is the first short film being reviewed for EIG. This film is brief (less than 8 minutes + credits) but long enough to get its overall concept across. The setting is fairly suburban, mundane, however the film’s psuedo-animated layout (complete with video game-esque display) creates a Waking Life meets Max Payne vibe. It definitely piqued the interest of my inner nerd.

I really can’t think of anything about the film I didn’t like. The color saturation took a little while to get used to, but definitely lent itself to the vibe of the film. It felt like just the right length (unlike other shorts I’ve seen that are boring and not short enough). This probably isn’t the type of short film that appeals to the average person out there, but I definitely enjoyed it. If you want to check it out, head over to the Missing Kitty Myspace and click on “videos”. While you’re there check out the teaser for Sibling Rivalry and the short film Headshot as well.

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