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#14: The Kris Special at the Soda Bar.

December 4, 2008

Back in November ’07 my band along with a project I was involved in played with The Kris Special at Cornerstone Church in Poway, CA. Based in Los Angeles, The Kris Special was relatively unknown in San Diego and was just looking to pick up a show in the area to kick off their fall tour. I ended up buying their album, Alone Feels like a Hotel Room after their set and was planning on writing about it here…

Instead I’m going to write about playing another show with the Kris Special on November 30th, 2008 at the Soda Bar here in San Diego. Sometime between then and now, The Kris Special went from a straightforward indie-rock three piece to a minimal, yet so much more complex two-piece. Now, I can’t honestly say I remember much about the show we played with them a year ago. It’s hard to take in different aspects of a band when you’re not familiar with their music. In the year that passed, I became familiar with the Kris Special through their recordings, and the picture that they painted on my ears was not the band that I saw last Sunday.

On Alone Feels Like a Hotel Room, the Kris Special sounds good, but live they sounded great. Maybe it was the loss of a bass player, or just something I missed the first time around, but what guitarist/vocalist Anne Pointer and drummer Nick Schutz create live is both inviting and mind blowing. While Anne’s voice and guitar invoke pictures of California’s wind-swept High Desert, Nick’s drumming brings a complex, yet appropriate element to the music. Overall the band has struck an incredible balance between extremes by using a bit of both.

The Kris Special is currently on tour across the Southwest and already has several shows booked for their return to the Greater Los Angeles area. If you get the opportunity, definitely go and check them out. You can sample their music and get a look at upcoming shows on their Myspace page.

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  1. January 1, 2009 9:11 pm

    im looking at nick right now.. and anne is in my garage.. i live in old town orcutt, california and these fools crash at my house whenever they come up.. foe show bits!!!!!!

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