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Nobel Peace Prize…

October 9, 2009

Does anyone really care about this award? Yes, Obama was given it, but can anyone name any of the other recipients from the last decade besides Al Gore and Jimmy Carter?

I know it’s en vogue to criticize the President for anything he can be criticized on, but in this situation I don’t really think the issue is Obama. The issue is an overzealous committee that is trying to fulfill some need to be current by pushing Obama into his role as spokesperson…not of the United States, but of the free world in general.

Fortunately, the Nobel Peace Prize is a honor that is quickly forgotten. In twelve months, the majority of Americans will have forgotten that Obama was a recipient and almost no one will care within a decade. It will be a hot-button topic for a few days…maybe weeks, but soon enough we’ll find something else to fault the President on.

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