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#20: The Last Airbender

July 2, 2010

I started watching this TV series with my younger sister when I was still living at home with my parents and always felt it was really well done for a program targeting kids. This is a review of the M. Night Shyamalan adaptation of that series. It is currently getting hammered all around by the critics. I haven’t seen it yet, but my sister and I have talked about the previews and she went to see it yesterday. I stole the following review from her blog. It is completely unedited by me:

the last airbender almost made me cry.


time for my rant about it. thank you, m. night shyamalan, for ruining one of my favorite shows. i sat through the movie, and was fairly content with it. then i walked out and started talking about it with peter, and realized everything i hated about it.

first of all, what is up with the pronunciation? its like these actors have never watched avatar. when did aang (ay-ng) become aw-ng? sokka became s-oh-ka? avatar became aw-va-tar?

second, from the first time i ever saw the previews, i knew i was going to HATE nicola peltz as katara. who was right? oh yeah, i was. the movie opened, i saw her, and i wanted to punch her in the face. also, the boy who played aang, noah ringer? yeah, his acting was pretty decent at some points, and tragic at others. personally, i felt the only character who actually looked her part was princess yue, i dont feel like looking up the actor who played her. and i thought the guy who played sokka did a pretty decent job. iroh played the part well, but didnt look the part really. he needed to gain a few pounds.

third, i’m so confused about this race thing. obviously, yeah, in the show all the nations are different races. but i dont agree with the ones they used. zhao, zuko, ozai, azula. yeah, those TOTALLY sound like indian names. the fuck? no. seriously.
in my brother’s words “they fire nation is very like, japanese. the earth nation is more like, mountain people. like mongols or something. who cares about the airbenders because they’re all dead.” and then we both agreed that we think the waterbenders are more siberian-ish.

AND WHAT WAS UP WITH THE LAST LIKE THIRD OF THE MOVIE!? last time i checked, AANG CANT FUCKING RETURN TO THE MORTAL WORLD UNLESS HIS PHYSICAL BODY IS IN THE SAME PLACE AS WHEN HE LEFT.  and i was really disappointed that they left out the bit of humor while he was meditating. i distinctly remember in the show, aang yelled at them because he was trying to meditate and they were distracting him. probably one of my favorite parts of the episode. believe me, they play that episode like every day on the nicktoons channel (and yes, i watch that channel every once in a while -.-“). also, that entire last like third of the movie strayed from the show completely. it stuck to the basic idea, but details were majorly off. like, if you’re going to make a movie based on a tv show, you NEED to stick to the story. cuz fans WILL notice the minor details that you miss, or stray from.

BUT, i have to say, the movie redeemed itself with the special effects. i wasnt disappointed in the bending, as i kind of expected to be. it seems like they focused a LOT on making the bending seem realistic, which, i’ll admit, they did. very well. so i can say they redeemed a few points right there.

so here’s to you, m. night shyamalan, for ruining the movie so many of us have been waiting forever to see.

i can tell you right now that steve is gonna be pretty disappointed -.-“

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