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Scarlett Avenue – Creekside EP

July 6, 2013


I’ve been going through my mental musical catalog to try to come up with a pop-punk album I own that came out later than 2005.

and I’m stumped.

I went through a pop-punk phase when I was in high school and skating was all the rage. I own the first six MxPx albums and this unfortunate Relient K release. I grew older, expanded my musical horizons and moved on, but mid/late 90s pop-punk and the early 00s transition into a more mainstream friendly sound (The Starting Line, Yellowcard, etc.) hold a memory of time in my musical mind.

Scarlett Avenue‘s Creekside EP was released in late 2012, but it scratches that teenage itch that crops up from time to time. I can’t compare it to anything that’s come out in the last 6 or 7 years.

Scarlett Avenue brings a fresh take on a decade-old pop-punk sound. The Creekside EP sounds like something I would’ve picked up in 2003 and listened to on repeat for days at a time…which is what I did with the EP when I picked it up a few months ago. Still, there’s nothing old about the EP. The songs and music are well produced while conveying a positive take on that familiar teenage angst brought about by lost love and that wandering feeling of not really knowing your place in the world. These themes appealed to a pop-punk scene ten years ago as much as they apply to the scene now.

So maybe at 29 I’m way too old to enjoy this stuff. I saw Scarlett Avenue live a few weeks ago and they put on a great show, though I did feel a bit out of place (I swear I was ten years older than everyone else there). The live show was as expected for a pop-punk show…a high energy, crowd interactive, riff heavy half hour that was just enough to leave you wanting more.

You can follow Scarlett Avenue in the following social media locations or listen to the Creekside EP at the following links:


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